The Seventh Volume of Brandes' Main Currents

contributor: Peter Leonard

This newly-discovered (?) seventh volume of Hovedstrømninger i det 19de Aarhundredes Litteratur emerged from the fevered workings of a "recurrent neural network".

The fake Brandes can be accessed here. The book is the result of a "recurrent neural network" (Wikipedia) trained on the six extant volumes of this work. This kind of artificial intelligence system makes a comprehensive series of observations about real texts and uses what it learns to predict hypothetical future works. Unlike earlier approaches of text generation such as markov chains (Wikipedia), this character-level RNN works on a letter-by-letter basis.

As such it may be interesting to observe the network has learned the capitalization rules of nouns in 19th century Danish, despite starting from a purely random state in which no letter is more or less likely to follow another.

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